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Why being forced to train at home, can be a good thing.

While these current times are trying for many if you are fortunate enough to continue your workouts, maybe training from home is a good thing.

Training from home can offer numerous benefits…

  1. It forces you to be creative

  2. Unless you have a complete home gym, training from home provides the opportunity to train without weights

  3. You can incorporate more mobility drills into your program

Being Creative with Programming

Training from home forces you to be creative with you training. From exercise variety to adding more resistance to body weight movements. And yes, body weight exercises already have some resistance in them.

When training from home, your program can become stale quickly without variety. We have all been there. Even at the gym, programs can become stale. You must be creative in exercise selection to keep things interesting. That may take some research. Check out the Brookhart Performance youtube page for more exercise options.

Training Without Weights

People love to add weight to exercises in the gym. We all do. Myself included. However, being forced to train from home can offer many benefits.

It gets your ego out of it. You will not worry about what your numbers are on the bar. Instead, maybe you will focus on proper movement quality. Which, for many people, they need to decrease their weight when they return to the gym anyways. Hopefully this time will allow them to perfect their movement quality.

Remember, movement quality is the first aspect to weight training anyone needs to learn. All to often many people either skip this step or spend too little time here. Either way, movement quality needs to be mastered before adding resistance. Movement Quality > Resistance. If you cannot perform a movement correctly without weight, you cannot perform that movement correctly at all.

Mastering Movement

Like I stated above, movement quality is more important than weight. And when combining creativity to your programming, you have the ability to add mobility exercises to your program to help you move better.

Moving better is essential to proper lifting mechanics. Adding mobility drills to your program can possibly fix any issues you have with your lifts. They can also help prevent injuries which will allow for more consistent training.

At the end of the day, this time at home may be an opportunity in disguise. Use this time to evaluate yourself. Ask yourself some questions and be honest…

  • What are my weaknesses?

  • What are my strengths?

  • How is my mobility?

  • How is my nutrition?

  • Do I get enough sleep at night?

  • Am I staying hydrated?

These may seem like a lot of questions but they really aren’t. Hopefully the last three questions are on point most of the week, every week.

Once you are able to begin training at the gym again, you will be ready to hit the ground running and maybe even be in a better place than when you left.

Let me know if you need any help with your programming, training or nutrition.

Stay safe, healthy and happy. Take Care.


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